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Welcome to my personal blog! (Pinned post)

I'm Valeria/Lera but you can call me Leru, Lerun or Lerune for short! I'm 22 years old artist from Russia! This is my personal blog where I'm talking, posting WIPs, reblogging and other stuff! For art go to @lerunechka and for my RPG game blog go to @thefantasticadventureofmeeka! Enjoy your stay!

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OK sister is here now so time to be inactive for a bit.

"Those stars are beautiful... like you"

I'm really running out of title ideas, huh...

Anyways, here's last piece in SAI 2 that was sitting in my WIPs for months and I finally finished it!

I've been sneezing today a lot, hope I didn't catch a cold...

I can finally say that I'm officially done with using Paint Tool SAI 2 for good! It's been fun but I need to try something new so I hope I'll have fun with Krita too!

Will be inactive for a bit today since my sister and her husband are coming to visit us soon. Art will be still posted.


Good morning everyone!

I think I'll be finally trying to sleep. Goodnight!

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Kansas City Zoo

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I hope Whitelate is gonna be OK, she deleted her Twitter account. I really like her art.

lerunscorner -

Context: her last post was about her bad health condition and that makes me really worried.

Don't tell me we're possibly gonna lose another artist... please...

I hope Whitelate is gonna be OK, she deleted her Twitter account. I really like her art.

Welp, I guess I'm gonna lie down in a bed for a bit since I feel a bit lazy. I also have no idea what to say. LOL

It's finally time! Time to finish that one last drawing on SAI 2!

Good morning everyone, debating if I should to draw or take a day off.

OK goodnight 😴💤💤💤

F*ck Adobe, all my homies hate Adobe

Cherry blossom date (redraw)

Redraw of this!

Love your Boosona @lerunechka ! Super cute!!

lerunscorner -

AHHHHHH I'm so sorry I haven't seen it before, she looks so cute in your style! Thank you!

Can't believe that I officially now have only one drawing left to finish in SAI 2 before I'm gonna fully switch to Krita! I'm sure making a progress!

Wish people could untag me before replying to something that I retweeted on Twitter, so tired of my notifications being clogged.

Good morning everyone! Finally I woke up at usual time!

And after update mobile Twitter app has QRT update too. I hate it here.

Ah yes, happy pronouns day! My pronouns are She/They!

For real tho... how could I notice mistake in Punchy's hand pattern just now? I'm booboo the fool.

Are they...😏 you know?😳

Haven't drew Bob and Punchy or even any Animal Crossing art in a while so here's last digital art for a while until we'll settle down in new house!

lerunscorner -

Bumping again because I noticed another mistake this time in Punchy's hand.