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I'm so tired of those Japanese porn bots sending me messages on Twitter, I'll disable DMs here once raffles that I entered are over.

But first gonna watch Beastars episode 6~

C. Jade Wyton || Pokemon

It’s my wife’s Wooloo. Wenf (supposed to be “Wendy” but she was too excited to type properly)

I'm just gonna start working on Eevee day drawing.


Bayo Loki and Jeanne Thor


seconds before disaster 

I think posting my Raboot art is a bit early right now despite game is finally out so let's just wait a bit until they all will be revealed.

Good morning everyone~

Time to go to bed. Have a nice day/night everyone!

I was promised to draw lot of Cat Busters art this month but turned out I'm drawing lots of Pokemon art instead. XD

So I was looking at Cat Busters information on QooApp page and it said no VPN required to play this game which means it wasn't geoblocked. I hope same goes with Cat Busters Collections!

Also, sorry for low activity today, I was feeling sleepy.

Tomorrow I'll upload bunch of traditional drawings on pixiv.

Finally, I sketched something today...

Also when I'll turn 22 I may evolve my Pokesona to Raboot.

I'll actually try to draw Raboot now when finally game is out.

Today I'm sleepy all day.

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Practice I guess

There's a lot wrong with how I would draw the face, so I decided to work on some improvements. Longer face (I tend to squish the eyes and nose) and more floof on the cheeks.

I'm still bad at drawing mouths, but what can ya do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'll take a break from drawing for today.

Gonna nap for a bit.

Gosh I suddenly feel so lazy today.

I need to slowly start drawing something for Eevee day.

2 more weeks till my Birthday!

Good morning everyone!