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Welcome to my personal blog! (Pinned post)

I'm Valeria/Lera but you can call me Leru or Lerune for short! I'm 22 years old artist from Russia! This is my personal blog where I'm talking, posting WIPs, reblogging and other stuff! For art go to @lerunechka! Enjoy your stay!

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List of Eeveelutions days!

Right, time to sleep. Have a nice day/night everyone!

Sailor Moon Space promo pic #1!

A misterious villain lady... Who could this be? If only we knew...

jk y'all know if you read my blog for long enough but shhh! spoilers! 


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Sketch Mini Chibis for Juuri-No-Sekai on DA ♡


Art by milkat-sprout
Characters belong to Juuri-No-Sekai

Do not trace, use, edit or heavily reference my artwork
Do not repost my art unless you have my permission, or you're the commissioner

[C] PumpkinPromises

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Sketch Mini Chibi for PumpkinPromises on DA ♡

Art  by milkat-sprout
Character belongs to PumpkinPromises

Do not trace, use, edit or heavily reference my artwork
Do not repost my art unless you have my permission, or you're the commissioner

And I started working on my new fursona (magical girl form, also posted on my WIP account on Twitter).

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hey, if it feels like you aren't giving it your best, that means you ARE giving it your best 

everyone's best is different! so what if you can't push as far as other people? you're doing what you can to what your ability allows you and that makes you amazing in your own right 💖💖💖

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Arapahoe County Fair

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Just a reminder

twix -

That you exist for no one other than yourself, so do what makes you happy and makes you feel comfortable. Be unapologetically you, love yourself, keep moving forward. This is YOUR life. 

Sometimes I forget that I updated my OS to Windows 10.

I should start making reference sheet of my new fursona.

Those two again

I really can't stop shipping those two!

Good morning everyone!

Bedtime, have a nice day/night everyone!

Well, site was down for me for a bit...

A doodle of two Appletun 🍎🐉

Do not repost, use, trace, or edit. Do not use this art for RP.

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Meme about Cinderace and Inteleon

I apologize about memeing instead of actually drawing but I wanted to do this XD

30 min until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate direct!

Chimeran Legends Ch 1. Pg. 19

One of my favorite pages from Chimeran Legends Chapter 1.

You can find the page here.

And you can start reading Chimeran Legends here!

Updates on Thursdays!

Lunch time and then drawing time I think.

Finally I'm done with reuploading.

Current stream layout

Last reupload for art section!

Eevee day!

Reupload again.

Ampharos day!

Almost done with reuploading...