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This is personal account for reblogs/WIPs/text posts! For art go to @lerunechka! 23|She/They|Sagittarius|Aro/Ace

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Before you follow:

  • I talk here a lot! If you don't like that, don't follow this blog!
  • All of my art posted on my art blog but I'm also reblogging it here with hashtag ''My art''!
  • All of WIPs will be posted here but tagged as DNR.
  • I'll follow everyone on this account.
  • I most likely won't follow you if your blog is:
  • Mostly J-Pop/K-Pop centered
  • Fetish only.
  • If you're gonna reply to something that I reblogged please don't comment on my reblog, comment on original post instead so I won't get notification on my dashboard.
  • I won't reblog or post anything NSFW on both blogs, they are and always will be SFW. However, some of my reblogs may be suggestive so if you don't want that then please blacklist #suggestive.
  • Do not send me messages like ''Hi'', ''Do you take requests'' etc. on any blog.
  • I don't do requests.
  • Opinions are my own.
  • Please don't try to get into relationship with me. I'm Aromantic and I'm not interested.

🚫Don't follow/interact if:🚫

  • You fit usual DNI criteria (racist, homophobe, transphobe, sexist, Trump supporter etc.)
  • You're against he/him lesbians and she/her gays
  • You're against neo-pronouns and xenogenders
  • You're supporting pedophilia (that includes Loli/Shota/cub porn), beastiality, zoophilie, feral porn, non-con even if it's fictional and people who support all of those things
  • You think fiction doesn't affect reality
  • You're Fujoshi/Fudanshi, babyfur
  • You're supporting any abusers
  • You use slurs you can't reclaim
  • You support art stealing
  • You're RP account that using stolen art
  • You support/believe in Bi/Pan Lesbians
  • You're against sex work
  • You're pro-shipper/anti-anti
  • You don't support people who're against kin doubles