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My internet history


  • Made deviantArt account just to watch artists/favorite works

  • Made tumblr and pixiv accounts as well (about pixiv I don't know if it was in 2016 or 2017)


  • Discovered Picarto and made account there just to watch streams

  • Discovered Discord and made my first account there

  • Made a few friends


  • Started drawing traditional

  • Made my first Twitter account just for posting my art, following artists and retweeting stuff

  • Got Wacom One Medium, my first drawing tablet

  • Got into digital drawing

  • Designed my first Fursona and Pokesona

  • Started streaming on Picarto

  • Discovered Cat Busters and started getting into this fandom

  • Got into Pokemon fandom as well

  • Left tumblr

  • Made Fur Affinity account

  • Made also Furry Network and Weasyl accounts


  • Started learning animating on Krita

  • Started writing my first Pokemon comic but then dropped it, hope to get back to it someday

  • Got to know Cat Busters fandom better

  • Started drawing my fursona in Kemono style

  • Left deviantArt

  • Left Furry Network after finding out that its owner turned out to be creep

  • Left Weasyl as well

  • Discovered Pillowfort site

  • Discovered Waterfall.social and made accounts here

  • Discovered LMMS and started making music on this program

  • Started developing "The Fantastic Adventure of Meeka"

  • Made Twitch account but streamed only once there

  • Finally got Pillowfort invite code and made an account there

  • Made FurryLife.Online account but left it months later due to lack of activity


  • Said goodbye to Windows 7 and upgraded to Windows 10

  • Got invite code for Toyhou.se and made an account there

  • Left pixiv

  • Started shipping Cinderace and Inteleon and planning to make comic about them "The Legend of Rainbow Crystal"

  • Started feeling distant from Cat Busters fandom but trying to get back into it anyways

  • Got into SHOWBYROCK!!/SB69

  • Got into Magical Girls fandoms, especially Pretty Cure/Precure, Madoka Magica/Magia Record and Ojamajo Doremi

  • Came up with idea for another Pokemon comic

  • After January I realized that I completely lost interest in Cat Busters but still trying to get it back

  • Ditched Instagram by deleting the app from phone, not sure if I'll be back there

  • After some months I realized that I prefer Waterfall over Pillowfort so I said goodbye to Pillowfort.social

  • Due to certain reasons I left Furry community

  • Finally made ArtStation account

  • Made AniList account just for listing my favorite anime

That's it for now, I'll keep you updated!