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Welcome to my personal blog! (Pinned post)

I'm Valeria/Lera but you can call me Leru, Lerun or Lerune for short! I'm 22 years old artist from Russia! This is my personal blog where I'm talking, posting WIPs, reblogging and other stuff! For art go to @lerunechka and for my RPG game blog go to @thefantasticadventureofmeeka! Enjoy your stay!

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WPS Office still won't update on GetApps, huh...

Good morning everyone~

I keep waking up at 10 AM

And now, I sleep πŸ˜΄πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

Twitter officially made quote-RT default for me now. I hate it.

Another day when you wanna sleep and do nothing else.

Went ahead and came back to deviantArt just to fave ArtFight attacks uploaded there and left again. Still it's a shame that domain where's dA hosts pictures is banned here. oTL

Lazy day for me. Gonna possibly just chill for today.

I thought I was only one who couldn't update WPS Office on GetApps but apparently not!

I don't wanna get out of bed...

Good morning everyone!


x3 -

colored a sketch n wateva. got lazie thooo

Wish I could mess around with TwitterStyle Memo app more but alas, my phone battery won't charge itselfπŸ˜”

I've been having fun with TwitterStyle Memo app and just got a small idea I may reveal soon...

Watch me getting addicted to it.

OK starting from tomorrow I have to finish two remained art pieces on SAI 2 before fully switching to Krita.


Saw many people making boosonas on my Twitter timeline and thought... why not! Not sorry!

OK I'm boo now... not sorry!

(Will upload that drawing on my art blog later)

Wow, that was a goodnight sleep. Good morning everyone!


I'm probably gonna draw YarkWark tribute art tomorrow since I have an art block and I need to show an appreciation towards her.

Everyone are making boosonas on my tl on Twitter... Maybe I'm gonna do one as well tomorrow since today is my day off...

Apparently new update for mobile YouTube app made it that you need now to drag video timer instead of clicking it anywhere. I hate it here

Rest in peace YarkWark, I liked your art a lot. You will be missed.

...This year doesn't feels like real.

I just tried to have good morning only to find out another artist on Twitter passed away... I'm crying...

Good morning everyone~