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Turquoise and Amber

Two gemsons which me and @babushka came up long time ago and I've done a few sketches of. This is one of the few fully finished ones. I cannot recall all of the details, so, @babushka, share some details in the comments ;)


- Originally a diplomat at the court of Blue Diamond who was supposed to get into relations with other races and sapient organics to scoop up important info and make peace when needed.

- Pusuer of knowledge as it is, a kind of "teacher" type

- Had some light-based powers (she was...enlightened, so to speak :)
- She is covered in small soft inner cracks which show the toll that the expulsion from the court had taken on her.

- a biologist at the court of Yellow, was tasked with studying organics.

- actually multiple amber gems which had been shattered by Yellow after they outlived their usefulness and later refused into one being with the help of Turquoise.

(the gem actually has a kind of mosaic design - it was inspired by Amber Room in Saint-Petersburg, Russia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amber_Room )

- Electricity-based power (after all, Ancient Greeks called amber "electron" ). Those powers are also the reason for all the amber shards to glue together with ease.

Both of them had been ancient Era One gems, which had been used by the Diamonds. But as Diamonds became more and more direct and harsh in their methods of conquest there was no place for those two peaceful professionals. The Diamonds shattered Ambers, but one of the Turquoises was able to hide and then collect all of the shards to later help them re-fuse and re-form together into one new Amber.
And this sall piece depicts Turquoise saving herself and Amber.

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