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I finally decided that I'll be deactivating my tumblr account after December 25th. This site in my opinion didn't become better and porn bots are still there. It was tbh a tough decision for me, but I'm gonna do it.

It seems like Twitter is broken, pictures aren't loading...

And new icon time! Will be uploading it on my art blog in a hour~

Speaking about reference sheets... I'll be remaking reference sheet for my fursona someday soon!

Ah yes, I was meant to show thing I promised to show after my birthday, but I'm gonna tell you the truth. I'll not be showing it at least for now because I decided to not rebrand after New Year.


Now when my birthday is over... time to change my icon to Christmas one from last year while I'll be drawing new one!

Good morning everyone! Yesterday was such an amazing day!

And on that note I'll be going to bed. Goodnight!

As the day slowly coming to an end I'm just gonna say: thank y'all for birthday wishes! I had a really amazing day!

So far my birthday is going well. I'm happy🥰

Also Artfol working on blocking feature? That's awesome! I would really need it! (I found out about that in their latest Instagram story)

I'm still a bit sad that we aren't able to go anywhere for my birthday due to pandemic and lack of money, but I'll be treating myself with cake at least!


I'm officially 23 now!

Tomorrow is gonna be a big day, but now I sleep! Goodnight!

My birthday is getting really close, time sure flies...

It's that time when Picarto has soccer stream on front page again XD

Finished birthday gift for someone! Now I wait until 6 PM~

Happy 4th anniversary Cat Busters, I'm sorry I don't have an art for it right now, but maybe after my birthday I'll do something

We'll be going to buy stuff for cake and after that I'll be finishing drawing!

Good morning everyone, can't believe that tomorrow is my birthday!

Sonic official Twitter apologized to artist privately. Thank God...

With my birthday coming up in 2 days, I need to slowly prepare updated "Meet the artist" thingy...

Welp, guess we aren't getting Picarto update on my birthday... that's OK! Hopefully update news tho?