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Sakura day (2019)

Since I wasn't able to draw anything for Sakura day this year, here's drawing from previous year with Sakuya from Cat Busters!

Maid Raymond

Another Raymond doodle!


Had to draw him!

Meeka reference sheet (2020 remake)

Finally reference sheet for main character Meeka has been remade!

Art by: @lerunechka

C.J. and Flick

I think it's obvious but I ship those two!

Piyo (Cat Busters)


Ceara vs. Luna

Haven't drew Cat Busters art in a while (again), so here's Ceara vs Luna from my headcannon I wrote on my personal blog!

Isabelle doodle!

Quick Isabelle doodle just to celebrate Animal Crossing New Horizons release!

More Wooloo!

(Yes, you can see that I accidentally wrote 16 instead if 18 and tried to fix that)

Sleepy sheeps (redraw)

Redraw of this!


I may redraw this digitally since I drew Grimmsnarl's nose way too small but anyways enjoy!


Hatterene doodle!

Flower crowns!

Time to keep my promise and upload another drawing from yesterday!

"You're a good friend!"

Just something I wanted to draw since rest of new Pokemon are finally listed on official site!

Jolteon day!

It's Jolteon day so time to upload drawings from today and 2019!

Chikorita day

It's Chikorita day so time to upload drawings from today and 2019!


Last reupload without "Read more" marking! Decided to reupload both of them in one post!


Another reupload without "Read more" marking!


Now when all of Pokemon from Sword/Shield are officially listed on official site I'm gonna reupload artworks without "Read more" marking so prepare for art spam! Here's Nickit!

Oshawott day/Water-type Pokemon day

It's Oshawott day so time to upload drawings from today and 2019! Oh, and it's also Water-type Pokemon day!

Wooper day

Last drawing for today! It's also Wooper day!

Zangoose day

It's also Zangoose day!

Jigglypuff day

It's also Jigglypuff day!

Banette day

It's Banette day so time to upload drawings from today and last year!

PMD DX release day!

Happy release day, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX!